What is a Cremation Diamond?

September 7, 2017
The old song says that diamonds are a "girl's best friend." With cremation diamonds, it's possible that the jewel could have come from the cremation remains of a friend, parent, or other loved one. These unique and lovely items ...

Why Prioritize Self-Care After Losing a Loved One

August 31, 2017
People have different reactions to the death of a close friend or family member. If you have recently lost a loved one, you should know that there is no right or wrong way to feel or display your grief. Still, very intense emotions ...

Where to Put Cremation Urns in Your Home

August 24, 2017
Statistics show more and more people are turning to cremation rather than traditional burial, and while some loved ones are choosing to inter the cremated remains, still more are opting to keep the cremains in their homes as a lasting ...

How to Plan for an Affordable Cremation

August 10, 2017
A few decades ago, very few American families chose cremation. However, both people's attitudes about cremation and economics have changed. If you'd like to make affordable plans for yourself or a loved one, you might consider the ...

What is Cremation Insurance?

August 3, 2017
Cremation insurance can help you fund the final expenses for yourself or another person affordably while you remain in control of the funds. Learn more about cremation insurance can help you plan a service in this podcast with Victor ...

What is a Cremation Diamond?

July 27, 2017
This podcast with Boston Cremation discusses how cremation diamonds are made and how they can be a meaningful gift or special way to remember a loved one who has passed away. John Maher: Hi, I'm John Maher. I'm here today with ...
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