5 DIY Projects to Honor a Loved One Who Died

After the death of a loved, grief can take a lot of different forms. Many people find some solace in honoring or memorializing their loved ones through DIY projects. There are several ideas you may want to consider.

1. Photo Board

A photo board has become a popular feature at many memorial services. At its simplest, a photo board is a collection of photos of your loved one displayed on poster board or framed, but you can play with other display options as well.

Doing this DIY project with friends or family members in the days leading up the service gives you a chance to share stories and tears in a way that can be meaningful and healing.

2. Shadow Box

Whether you want something to display at the reception before the service or just to have around your home, you may want to create a shadow box. Essentially, a shadow box is a deep picture frame that you can fill with photos, trinkets or small objects that remind you of your loved one.

Consider taking a thematic approach by including ticket stubs, photographs and other memorabilia from a memorable night you spent with your loved one. Similarly, if your loved one enjoyed cooking, you might want to include photographs, handwritten recipes and an old wooden spoon. You can also embrace a more general design.

3. Memorial Quilt

If you know how to sew or are interested in learning, a memorial quilt is a DIY project you can keep for generations. Use your loved one’s favorite garments as the patchwork squares. If desired, you can even repurpose one of their old blankets as the base of the quilt.

4. Remembrance Pillows

A pillow is similar to a memorial quilt, but it’s a lot faster and easier to make. Simply cut two squares or rectangles out of one of your loved one’s shirts. Then, place the pieces against each other inside out, pin the edges together, and sew three of the sides together. Turn the pillow right side out, fill with stuffing, and sew the final edge.

If you are using a button up shirt, consider making a button up case for a pillow. Simply, sew all four sides together. Then, use the buttons open the case and place a pillow inside.

5. Memory Book

When you think of a memory of your loved one, jot it down in a journal you have purchased just for this purpose. In the years to come, you can page through this book when you want to spend some time thinking about your loved one.

You can also do this DIY project with others. Place notecards or a journal out at the reception and ask people to share their memories. If you want to give people extra time, provide them with postcards addressed to you and ask them to share their favorite memories of your loved one.

In addition to DIY projects, you may also want to consider cremation jewelry. Memorial pendants and art glass beads can be a way to keep your loved one close to your heart, even after their passing. To learn more or to talk about your cremation needs, contact Boston Cremation today by calling (781) 322-0909.

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