6 Ways to Personalize Your Loved One’s Cremation Services

At Boston Cremation, we think that every family should have a chance to celebrate the life of their loved ones in their own way. Cremation services allow for enough flexibility to suit both the tastes of survivors and fulfill the final wishes of the deceased. If you decide to honor your friend or family member in a very traditional or a very unique way, you might consider some of these ideas to help personalize the memorial.

Ideas to Personalize Cremation Services

These are some unique ways to personalize a cremation service:

    1. Have a Traditional Funeral with Cremation to Follow
      You can choose to have a very traditional funeral even if you choose cremation. We provide the option for an “open casket” funeral before cremation and to use in a funeral procession. If you’d like, you can hold this service in our chapel or at a church of your choice.


    1. Include Media
      You may opt to have a video, slideshow, or picture display of your loved one during his or her lifetime. You might ask other attendees to contribute graphics and stories to make the service more meaningful and personalized.


    1. Display Your Loved One’s Personal Objects
      If the departed loved one particularly treasured some personal objects, you could display them at a memory table. For instance, you could display items the person made or those associated with a hobby that he or she particularly loved. In other cases, you might display symbols of military service or of his or her profession.


    1. Scatter Ashes at a Favorite Place
      Cremation services can also be held outside at a favorite place. Many families decide to scatter the ashes, giving everybody who attends a chance to take part in the service. You can make this type of memorial as informal or formal as you please.


    1. Play Personalized Music
      At any service, be it a traditional funeral or informal cremation service, you can play music that the loved one enjoyed during his or her lifetime.


    1. Give Close Family & Friends Keepsakes
      Once your loved one has been cremated, you can even give close friends and family members their own personalized keepsake in the form of cremation jewelry or a keepsake urn that contains a small portion of the ashes.


One advantage of cremation services over burial services is that you have more time to prepare. In addition, you aren’t limited to focusing the service around the burial. In many cases, people plan memorial services some time after the actual cremation. This gives loved ones time to plan for very personalized cremation services. Also, you can allow for time for mourners to make plans to attend the event. As long as you consider your loved one’s and the preferences of survivors, you can enjoy the benefit of a memorable and dignified event. Contact Boston Cremation at 781.322.0909 to learn more.

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