8 Unique Funeral Ideas

Funerals don’t have to be a one-size-fits-all experience. Instead, they can reflect the unique personality of the individual being memorialized. For help planning your loved one’s funeral, check out these unique funeral ideas.

1. Quote Boards

Photograph displays and memory tables are a common feature at many memorial services these days, but you may also want to create a quote board. Write or paint something that your loved one used to say on a chalkboard or a framed piece of paper. Use their catchphrase, favorite movie quotes, or even old social media posts.

2. Favorite Foods

Serving your loved one’s favorite foods at the memorial service can help make the service more meaningful. If someone has a story about your loved one that involves their favorite food, that can be a great way to transition between the funeral and a reception if you choose to have one.

3. Memory Stones

Set out a collection of stones and invite people to write memories of your loved one on the stones with permanent or paint markers. At the funeral, these stones can be a wonderful way for people to share memories of the deceased, and after the service, you can take them home and put them in a decorative bowl or line your garden with them.

4. Memorial Plants

You may want to consider funeral ideas that involve giving the guests something to help them grieve after the ceremony. For instance, in lieu of the traditional funeral program, consider giving everyone seeds or bulbs of your loved one’s favorite flowers or trees. Then, they can plant flowers or tree in honor of the decedent.

5. Meaningful Take-Home Memorials

If plants don’t reflect your loved one, you may want to have some memorial objects printed. That could include a small picture of the deceased, a golf ball with their name, or anything else that reflects that individual.

6. Special Songs

If you’re looking for funeral ideas that offer alternatives to traditional hymns, consider playing your loved one’s favorite song at the funeral. It doesn’t necessary even need to be a somber tune. Just anything that reminds you of that person can work perfectly.

7. Donations for a Cause

If your loved one was passionate about a certain cause during their life, you can still continue to draw attention to that cause after their death. Before the funeral, you can invite people to donate to donate to a certain cause in lieu of sending flowers. Even at the service, you can set out a bowl or pass around a hat to collect donations in your loved one’s name. Alternatively, you may want to use the donations to sponsor a memorial bench in a local park or to create another type of permanent memorial.

8. Butterfly Release

Releasing something into the sky can be a symbolic way to say goodbye to your loved one. In the past, many people released balloons, however, this practice has since been eschewed due to its negative effect on wildlife and the environment. However, a butterfly release is eco-friendly and something to consider.

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