8 Unique Things You Can Do with Cremation Ashes

Urns and similar containers are the most popular and most traditional ways of displaying and preserving a loved one’s cremains, but a rising interest in cremation has spurred the introduction of several less conventional options for honoring a loved one’s life and memory. Here are a few you might want to consider:

Share them with others. Boston Cremation offers small keepsake urns designed to hold a very small amount of cremains. These tiny urns can be an ideal way to let others share in the comfort of having a loved one remain a part of their lives. Cremation jewelry also offers a beautiful wearable way to share cremains.

Become part of a coral reef. Nature lovers can become part of a living environment through through companies that take cremated remains and mixes them with a special cement used to restore important marine habitats.

Light up the sky. A cremation option that is gaining in popularity is having a loved one’s ashes placed in specially-designed fireworks, creating a memorable display on land or above the ocean while your family watches and celebrates the life your loved one lived.

Float in the air. Some survivors choose to have their loved one’s cremains sent aloft in a biodegradable, helium-filled balloon designed to open at about 6 miles above the Earth, releasing the cremains to the winds.

Explore deep space or just orbit the Earth. For those who craved adventure and exploration, there are companies who will send your loved one’s cremains into space to orbit the earth, land on the moon or explore the deeper regions beyond our solar system.

Bond with nature. Popular with eco-conscious families, some companies provide an option to turn your loved one’s cremains into rich soil to nourish a tree, flower or other plant in a specially-designed urn. And for every urn that’s planted, some companies will make a donation to have a second tree planted in one of America’s forests.

Be immortalized in paint. Many artists have begun offering services that allow them to use a small amount of cremains mixed with paint to create a painting that serves as a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Be immortalized in glass. Boston Cremation offers survivors the option of having their loved one’s cremains incorporated into a beautiful eternal flame glass sculpture or in glass memorial jewelry.

Many cremation options use only a portion of your loved one’s cremains, allowing you to combine a traditional urn memorial with a more innovative memorial suited to your loved one’s interests and passions. Explore your options, and when you’re ready to learn more, call Boston Cremation at 781-322-0909.

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