How to Arrange Cremation Services Quickly

In many cases, families face situations where a funeral or cremation service needs to be planned quickly—typically because a loved one’s death was unexpected, but time, monetary, and familial issues may also play a role. Planning a funeral or cremation service can be stressful for anyone, but not knowing how to arrange cremation services quickly can exacerbate the situation. Here is what you need to know to arrange a cremation service that honors a departed loved one in a timely fashion

Consult the Will of the Deceased

hen a funeral or cremation service must be planned quickly, it is important to consult the will of the deceased to see what their desires are regarding their memorial service. It’s important to their family and loved ones that their wishes are fulfilled to the best of everyone’s abilities and that their memory is truly honored. In some cases, the deceased will have enough information in their will to allow you to plan their services relatively smoothly. If not, you’ll need to use your best judgment on how to proceed. If the deceased hasn’t specified whether they want a traditional funeral or a cremation, note that cremation services can typically be planned more quickly than a traditional burial and can be a good choice for services where time is of the essence.

Have Their Information Ready

For all cremation services, it’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary information ready ahead of time. This may mean that you’ll need to gather certain documents very shortly after the loved one’s passing to ensure the process isn’t waiting on this information. Cremation service providers will generally need the full name of the deceased, their date of birth, their date of death, and their medical records, including the name of their doctor. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to tell the funeral director when you’d prefer to hold the service, allowing you to request that the service be held quickly according to the timeline needed.

The funeral or cremation service providers will also need your name and contact information as the person arranging the funeral in case of an emergency.

Ask What Services Are Available for Fast Arrangement

Any funeral home or crematorium should have an itemized general price list, which is simply a list of the services they provide and their respective prices. This list will allow you to make a clear, quick, but informed decisions about what items will contribute to a speedy cremation service while also honoring the memory of the departed loved one. Many crematoriums will help arrange the flowers and the service setting for you as part of their packages, making the arrangement even smoother.

Have Payment Ready

Cremation services are more affordable than traditional burials, although you will still need a form of payment ready. Check with your cremation service provider to find out if they accept deferred payments, but be prepared if they do not. Some individuals will prepay for their funeral or cremation services, so it is important to check the will to see if this has been arranged.

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