Choosing Small Keepsake Urns for Ashes

Many people choose to put the cremation ashes of their loved one in an urn to display somewhere in their home. However, when there are many survivors, it may not be as meaningful or practical to store the ashes in a single urn. If for example a parent had many children, they may each want their own small keepsake urn with a portion of their mother or father’s ashes.

Keepsake Urns are Economical

Keepsake urns for ashes are more economical than a larger urn, especially if each person who wishes to have a keepsake urn makes their own purchase. If a family chooses a simple cremation for financial reasons, using small keepsake urns can help minimize expenses. While this may not be true if the family of the deceased purchases keepsake urns for everyone who wants one, keepsake urns do offer the option of reduced cost if those who desire to have one make their own purchase.

Keepsake Urns Can be Customized

If each person who wishes to have a keepsake urn chooses their own, they can select the design they prefer. There’s no need to have every keepsake urn for a loved one match. There are a wide variety of small urns in every color and material and are made like larger urns – just in a reduced size.

Keepsake Urns Are Meaningful

Keepsake urns can be meaningful for large families or special groups of friends who all wish to have a piece of their loved one with them. Instead of having one person keep all the ashes together in a large urn or scattering them somewhere, survivors can each have a small portion of the ashes to remember their loved one by.

Storing Keepsake Urns for Ashes

Keepsake urns for ashes can be stored any place you would store a traditional urn, such as on a mantle or a bookshelf. However, due to its small size, it can be stored in other places without taking up a lot of space, such as on a vanity or a desk.

Keepsake urns can be an excellent way to trim the costs of a cremation and give family members a unique and shared way to memorialize and remember their loved one. Contact Boston Cremation today by calling 781.322.0909 to learn more about keepsake urns for ashes and discover the different styles we have available.

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