Cremation in MA

Cremation in MA is growing rapidly whether it’s for financial reasons or just convenience and each year more families choose Boston Cremation because Boston Cremation is the leader in affordable -Worry Free Cremation in MA. Why are we the leader? Because Simple, Direct Cremation in MA is all we do and we’ve made it easy for families to contact us anywhere in Massachusetts. We service cremation families anywhere in Massachusetts for one low price, so no matter where you live, Cape Cod to Springfield, Boston Cremation is here to help.

What make us different? One of the reasons we are different than your local funeral home because we do not have the costs associated with operating a “full traditional service” funeral home. We do not own limousines, expensive hearses or have to maintain large properties. We practice to be smart with our money, just like you, and we pass our savings on to our customers. Calling on Boston Cremation for your cremation in MA will save you 40-80% of using your local funeral home.

Another reason we are different is because we are family owned and the crematory we use is also family owned (Puritan Lawn). Why is this important? In today’s world many local funeral home are being bought up by large corporate companies. These companies and many locally owned funeral homes too will use the cheapest crematory’s they can find to make their charges look appealing.

This isn’t a practice we endorse or take part in. With so many crematory scandals in the news today we do not feel that using the “cheapest” city run crematory is the right choice for anyone. Using a family owned company put you right in contact with the family owners. A family serving families in their time of need not corporate, board room decision makers or part-time municipal DPW workers.

If your looking for Cremation in MA. Look no further than Boston Cremation, we are the “cremation specialists” in Massachusetts.

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