Cremation Services vs Funeral Services – Choose What is Right For You

Death is defined as the ultimate eventuality. The perceptions surrounding death also vary a great deal. For some, death is an eventuality, and for others, death is the final phase to step into the next world. Some refer to end as “moving on.” They are all disguising death through euphemistic language.

The thought of death makes many shudder, while others believe in the transience of earthly life, in the stoic acceptance of death and the benevolence of God. Despite all such varied perceptions and subsequent reactions, many individuals sustain a thought as to how they would like their last day on earth to be and how they want their funeral to be conducted. With affordable cremation services Boston, it is easy to see why more and more people are switching to cremation.

So, what are you thinking? Maybe, you are on the fence to decide as to what way you should choose – the traditional burial or the modernized cremation. Both are difficult decisions. There are pros and cons to both. Take your time and select the option that you feel right for you and your beloved family.

Well, cremation is becoming a popular way of bidding goodbye to loved ones due to technological, environmental, and philosophical reasons. The scarcity of land due to rapid industrialization is another primary reason for people turning to cremation. Groundwater can be at risk of pollution from burials. Luckily, the concern about health hazards can be alleviated by choosing cremation services near me.

Today, the advancement of technology has brought better cremation equipment that reduces the body to its basic elements. According to a report by the National Funeral Directors Association’s (NFDA), the rate of cremation growth was 48.6% in 2015, and the rate is expected to hit 78.5% by 2035. The staggering increase in the cremation rate is indicative of its increasing popularity in the US.

Cremation Services vs. Burial Services

Cremation reduces the body to its fundamental elements within a few hours. In contrast, when you bury a loved one, it takes eight to twelve years for an un-embalmed adult body to decompose to a skeleton. If placed in a coffin, the body can take many years longer, depending on the type of wood used.

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