Dispelling 3 Common Myths About the Cremation Process

Cremation has been more or less common in different societies since the discovery of fire. While the thought of cremation might conjure up images of flaming Viking vessels or outdoor funeral pyres, those examples don’t provide a good visual of the modern cremation process. A modern cremation occurs under very controlled circumstances and is a very respectful way to honor a deceased loved one.

Dispelling Three Myths About the Modern Cremation Process

In order to understand how modern cremation takes place, it should help to dispel some common myths.

Myth 1: Cremated Bodies Get Burnt in Fires.

Fact: In a modern cremation, the body is placed into an oven that is capable of heating to a very high temperature. After the actual cremation, only brittle bones remain. The cremation provider then processes these bones into a fine powder that is often referred to as the ashes, or cremains. These ashes are put into an urn or another container and given back to the survivors.

Myth 2: Cremations Preclude a Formal Funeral

Fact: Some families choose to have a formal funeral service before a cremation. In fact, at Boston Cremation, it’s even possible to allow people to have an open casket viewing if the family chooses. Choosing cremation doesn’t prevent a funeral; however, it does allow the choice of other options, like a scattering or special memorial service. Some people choose to have the cremation done quickly and then wait to have a memorial service later.

Myth 3: Remains Get Mixed Up

Fact: The cremation chamber is only large enough to hold one body at a time. That means that an individual’s ashes won’t get mixed with the remains of other people. You shouldn’t worry that the ashes you receive will be anything other than the remains of your loved one.

Certainly, most people will want to make decisions about a body’s final disposition based upon their own preferences, spiritual beliefs, or family traditions. In the United States, cremation has become a much more popular choice than it used to be in past generations, partly because cremation costs less than a burial.

Why Learn More About the Cremation Process?

With a cremation, people can enjoy a great deal of freedom with how they want to honor their departed spouse, friend, or family member. For example, it’s possible to have a very formal service before a cremation. It’s also possible to plan a casual memorial service and even delay that service if circumstances make it difficult to hold it within a day or two.

Cremation remains are also portable, so it’s possible to carry them along in an urn or other kind of container. Since the remains only consist of a few pounds of harmless minerals, they aren’t limited to a cemetery but can be scattered or stored almost anywhere. Once you learn more about the cremation process, you will understand why it has become a more common choice in recent years. Contact Boston Cremation today at 781.322.0909.

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