Your Funeral Planning Checklist

Planning a funeral can consume a lot of time and involve many details. If possible, it’s always best to make as many plans as possible in advance. An individual might plan his or her own funeral or loved ones might assist with arrangements. Pre-planning as many details as possible helps relieve some of the burden of a loss. However, in the event of an unexpected death, following a plan can still be helpful in the chaos and aftermath of a loved one’s passing.

A Step-by-Step Checklist for Funeral Planning

If funeral planning gets done well in advance or at the last minute, it might help to consider the following checklist in order to account for all of the details:

Type of Service

You should first decide what type of service you would like to have in order to honor the departed person. Some families insist upon a traditional funeral service; however, other families find that a more unique memorial service is meaningful for them.

Boston Cremation can help with pre-planning of arrangements, and we can also provide assistance with planning even if it’s contracted after the death; it’s just that the family may not have much time to compare different services and providers.

Disposition of Remains

It’s always a good idea to decide if the individual will be buried or cremated in advance. This gives you a chance to compare different options and different providers of these services. A burial will require a grave, casket, and in many cases, a burial vault. The headstone is another consideration. Cremation may provide a simpler and more affordable option, but this can still be planned and even paid for in advanced.

Notification of Mourners

You can write out a list of everybody who should get notified upon the loved one’s death. This way, you can gather contact information in advance so you don’t risk leaving anybody out. Besides individuals, there may be organizations that need to get notified. Some examples might include the person’s employer or other organizations the individual has been active in.

It might also be helpful to delegate the task of contacting mourners to a few people to keep the job manageable. If the service has already been planned in advance, this task can be done promptly after a person passes.

Assigning Functions

Services might require a religious leader or other leader. In some cases, pallbearers need to be selected. If these individuals have been asked in advance, there is less risk of having to scramble to find people to perform different duties. It might be prudent to select a few likely alternatives just in case the first choice isn’t available.

Writing an Obituary

Writing a good and accurate obituary can be a challenge. It should provide concise and accurate details about the person’s death. At the same time, an obituary should also tell a compelling story about the individual’s life. It helps to get as much input as possible in order to compose this important document. In some cases, the subject of the obituary can even contribute before he or she passes away. Otherwise, rely upon friends and family members for assistance.

Why Do Funeral Planning in Advance?

Making plans in advance helps families find affordable services and plan according to the wishes of the deceased person and survivors. Many elderly people are pleased to be able to make their wishes known and help their family with this duty. Contact Boston Cremation today by calling 781.322.0909 to learn more about how to plan a funeral.

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