How to Plan a Celebration of Life

A celebration of life is a contemporary alternative to a traditional funeral and is a great choice to honor individuals who did not want a funeral. While everyone may still be sad and mourning, this ceremony doesn’t focus on the somber aspects of the end of life. Rather, it centers on the joy everyone experienced having that individual in their lives. Planning a celebration of life is very similar to a funeral or memorial service, but there are a few key differences. Here’s what you need to do.

Decide Where You Are Going to Have the Service

You can have this type of service in a traditional house of worship, but generally, as celebrations of life are not tied to religious practices, they tend to be held in alternative locations. That can include the chapel at a funeral home, a gazebo at a park, a memorable outdoor location, or even a rented space in a hotel or restaurant.

Let People Know About the Celebration of Life

If you are putting an obituary in the paper, make sure to note the details for the celebration of life so people can come. You may also want to share that information on social media sites. Generally, if you tag your lost loved one in a Facebook post, their friends should be able to see the notice, but you may also want to make the notice public so anyone can see it. In some cases, especially if the service is a long time after the loved one has died, you may want to mail invitations.

Explore a Few Ways to Customize the Celebration

A celebration of life should be a unique service that reflects the personality of the person who has passed and their family. So that happens, you may want to explore a few different funeral ideas. That can include memory books, videos, special music, or other unique ideas.

Write an Outline for the Service

To help service stay on track, you may want to create a brief outline. It doesn’t have to be complicated. While typical funeral services will often have music followed by a eulogy followed by a reading and then the close of the service, you can be creative with a celebration of life. Show a memorial video that includes your loved one’s happiest pictures and videos, or have someone share funny stories of your loved one.

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