How to Memorialize a Loved One with Cremation Jewelry

One advantage of cremation is that it offers you many ways to honor your loved one. After cremation, you will get a few pounds of your loved one’s ashes. Many people choose to scatter, bury, or store their loved one’s ashes in an urn in a visible place. You might even consider different types of cremation jewelry, such as necklace pendants, bracelets or even rings. If you choose one of these options, you have a physical way to keep your loved one close to your heart or right at hand when you want to remember them.

Popular Cremation Jewelry Choices

You can find a wide variety of different kinds of cremation jewelry to suit almost any taste. These are some popular and dignified ways to memorialize a departed loved one:

Necklace pendants: You may choose necklace pendants that have a small compartment that can securely protect a portion of your loved one’s ashes. These pendants could be made from silver, gold, gemstones, or other fine materials. There are many different styles of jewelry, so everybody could have their own unique and suitable pendant.

Cremation rings: These rings also have a chamber that can be used to store a portion of the ashes. As with the pendants, these rings can be crafted with a variety of different gems and precious metals. People of different tastes or different genders could choose cremation rings that suit them.

Cremation bracelets: Some people prefer to wear a bracelet instead of a necklace or ring. You might also select a cremation bead that can get added to another beaded bracelet to keep a portion of the ashes of loved ones.

This kind of jewelry was created to be worn. However, you might choose to purchase a protective display case as well. You can display the pieces when you aren’t wearing them. You could place them on a shelf, fireplace mantle, or almost anywhere. These cases can help keep the pieces safe but still highly visible. In this way, cremation jewelry can also serve as a dignified and visually pleasing memorial and decoration.

Why Consider Cremation Jewelry?

Since the average cremation produces from three to seven pounds of ashes, you could purchase one of these pieces of jewelry for each survivor to have as a keepsake. Even if you plan to bury, store, or scatter ashes from the original urn, you can spare part of the remains to use in this jewelry. You aren’t limited to only one solution.

Cremation provides a flexible option that can offer you many choices about how you want to memorialize your loved family member or friend. For many people, cremation jewelry provides them with a unique and valuable keepsake.

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