Do You Need a Burial Vault for a Cremation Urn?

If you are preplanning your own after-life needs or if you are making arrangements for a loved one, you may be wondering if you need a burial vault for a cremation urn. A burial vault offers a lot of advantages, but it’s not a necessity in all cases. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Burial Vault?

Traditionally, a burial vault is a sturdy container that holds a buried casket. Sometimes called a burial liner or grave vault, these enclosures protect the casket and prevent the ground from sinking in over time. Generally, burial vaults are made from reinforced concrete, and they are placed in the ground before the casket. However, burial vaults don’t apply to just traditional casket burial – they can also be used to protect urns.

Are There Burial Vaults for Cremation Urns?

There are special burial vaults designed just for use with cremation urns. Like traditional burial vaults, these liners protect the urn. They can often withstand up to 3,000 pounds of force. Note that those numbers vary, so check with the manufacturer before buying your burial vault.

What Are the Advantages of a Burial Vault?

In some cases, heavy machinery drives over the plots in a cemetery, and a burial vault helps to ensure that the urn does not get damaged. If you ever decide to reinter your loved one’s urn, that protection can be essential.

Additionally, you can place small keepsakes or memorabilia in the vault. There are also urn burial vaults designed for two urns, which can be ideal for family members who want to be interred forever.

Do You Need a Burial Vault for an Urn?

Most cemeteries require caskets to be placed in vaults or liners, but not necessarily urns. The exception to this is green cemeteries, which don’t use any materials that aren’t biodegradable. Typically, the rules are different when it comes to urns, and vaults for urns tend to be optional.

How Do You Choose a Burial Vault?

If you decide you want the benefits of a burial vault, there are many options. Check the dimensions of the vault to ensure that it can fit the urn you have selected. Determine the vault’s strength and materials to ensure you choose a durable option. Finally, just choose a vault you like. Always call your chosen cemetery first to avoid any confusion.

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