Cremation services in Boston

March 15, 2013
It was our belief that families looking for cremation services in Boston and the Greater Boston area were looking for a low cost, affordable, alternative to the high price of services offered at local funeral homes. With four ...

Low Cost Cremation; is this Really What You Want for Your Loved One?

December 26, 2012
Low Cost Cremation? Low-Cost-Walmart, Discount-Sams Club, Cheap-Costco. Is this what you think of when a loved one dies? Many cremation providers like to use words like this to lure customers in. Not us. Boston Cremation believes our ...

Catholics and Cremation

December 16, 2012
The Code of Canon Law issued in 1983 said the church “earnestly recommends” the custom of burying the body as it is, but does not prohibit cremation unless it is done for reasons “contrary to Christian teaching.” That’s a change from ...
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