How to Plan for an Affordable Cremation

A few decades ago, very few American families chose cremation. However, both people’s attitudes about cremation and economics have changed. If you’d like to make affordable plans for yourself or a loved one, you might consider the cost of various options. Every year, cremation has become a more popular option for American families.

While you could spend over $10,000 on funeral services, a burial, and other final expenses, you could also plan to only spend a couple of thousand dollars on a cremation and a very dignified memorial.

Why is Cremation an Affordable Option?

Let’s talk about economics for a moment. if you haven’t had to plan a funeral and burial for a long time, you’ll probably be surprised by this comparison between traditional funerals and cremations:

  • Recent figures from the National Funeral Directors Association price a traditional burial and funeral at over $8,500. This is about 30 percent more than an average burial and funeral cost a decade ago, and the price keeps rising each year.
  • At the same time, you could probably save over $2,500 by simply replacing a burial with a cremation.
  • If you choose to replace a traditional funeral with a more informal kind of memorial service, you can save much more.

Perhaps the cost difference helps to explain why almost half of all final dispositions in the United States included a cremation in 2015. In 2005, the rate of cremations was less than a third, and by 2020, it’s projected to be almost 70%. People still want a dignified way to honor their loved ones; however, they find that they can do that and still save money by choosing a cremation and memorial service over a traditional funeral and burial.

How Can You Plan for an Affordable Cremation?

For the most affordable cremation services, consider a direct cremation company. These providers will transport the body, handle the cremation, submit the paperwork, and then return the ashes.

If you choose, you might pick out an urn or other receptacle to store the ashes in. If you plan to scatter the ashes as part of your memorial, you may not require anything more than the container that the cremation company will provide you with. You are free to plan any sort of memorial service that you choose.

At Boston Cremation, we provide you and your family with the affordable and professional services that you truly need at a reasonable cost. Since we make the process so simple, we can help save you from the burden of high expenses and stress. You are free to plan for the final disposition of your remains in any way that you choose.

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