What is a Cremation Diamond?

The old song says that diamonds are a “girl’s best friend.” With cremation diamonds, it’s possible that the jewel could have come from the cremation remains of a friend, parent, or other loved one. These unique and lovely items certainly offer people with a lifelong memorial for their loved ones. If you are interested in creating a lasting memorial item from cremation ashes, you might consider having a cremation diamond made.

What is a Cremation Diamond?

You may already have learned about unique cremation jewelry that you can use to store the ashes of a loved one. Typical cremation jewelry has a small chamber that stores some cremation ashes to serve as a memorial. Because cremation jewelry offers people a portable kind of memorial for a loved one, it has become a very popular way to honor friends and close family members. Cremation diamonds take this idea a bit further. Instead of just storing ashes inside the jewelry, a jewel has actually been formed out of the ashes. More precisely, the carbon in the body forms the crystal after most other elements have oxidized out.

How Cremation Diamonds Are Made

Companies that produce cremation diamonds use a process that is very similar to the way that they might make any synthetic diamonds. In fact, this process mirrors the way that natural diamonds are formed under the ground. To turn ashes into diamonds, several ounces of ashes must be subjected to high pressure and heat for a period of about three weeks.

Even though the diamond has been entirely made out of cremation ashes, it looks like a rough diamond after it comes out of the process. After the crystal has been produced, it can also be cut, ground, polished, and even engraved. Before the diamond is delivered, it will look like a precious, finished gem.

How Do People Use Cremation Diamonds?

Most of the time, the diamonds come out blue, but sometimes they appear yellow, white, or almost black. Traces of boron in the human body create the blue tint, but even the manufacturers aren’t sure why the colors vary sometimes. Cremation diamond makers do say that each diamond looks unique and they all look very beautiful. Each diamond takes about one pound of ashes. Ashes from adult cremations usually weigh from four to six pounds. Thus, it’s possible to have more than one diamond made from cremated remains.

When survivors get their cremation diamond, they might use it like they would use any lovely gem. For instance, many people have the jewels set into rings, bracelets, or pendants by a professional jeweler. Some people wear their jewelry or display it in a case. Because the cremation diamond is very hard, this kind of cremation jewelry is durable and can serve as an heirloom and memorial for generations to come.

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