Steven Erik Piantedosi (1956-2023)

Steven Erik Piantedosi was born to Carmine Piantedosi and Lillian (Eriksson) Piantedosi on September 15th, 1956, in Brighton, Massachusetts. He passed away on November 10th, 2023, after a 16 month journey with cancer. Throughout his illness, his wife, Susan (Perriello) Piantedosi, never left his side. At the time of his passing, he was surrounded by his loving wife and three adoring daughters.

Steven grew up in Burlington, MA. He was the middle child of five children. He had a happy childhood filled with neighborhood adventures, playing in the woods behind his home, and sunny vacations at Days Cottages in Truro.  He was a curious thinker who loved playing with magnets and asked for a tool set for Christmas. He loved cars and talking politics with his Dad.

Growing up in Burlington, he met Susan, who was the sister of his friend, Mike, who lived a few streets away. As a teenager, Steven would go to Susan’s house to play pool with her brother. A few years later, after seeing each other at her older brother’s wedding, they eventually started dating. They married in 1984. Together, they shared thirty-nine years of a happy marriage and three daughters. Later in life, Steven would tell his daughters that marrying their mom was the best decision he ever made.

Steven was a remarkable father and he was selflessly devoted to his three daughters. He worked tirelessly to ensure they had a happy childhood and a loving home. He filled his house with toys, helped them build extravagant science projects, and shared his love of music with them. He was the family mechanic and ensured everyone always had a dependable car.  He was so devoted to ensuring they were safe that he would remind them to “be careful” each time they parted. There was nothing Steven would not do for his girls. Steven had an exceptional ability to explain and discuss the world around him. Throughout their lives, his daughters knew they could come to him to ask questions, whether it be about their homework, how to fix something, science, history, or the deeper meaning of life. Though he shared many lessons throughout their lives, the lessons that Steven worked hardest to instill in them were to treat others kindly, be honest, and do the right thing. For this, and for the way in which he dedicated his life to providing for them, Steven’s daughters feel incredibly lucky to be his “kid.”

Steven was a tenacious problem solver. He had an iron will that never buckled under adversity (albeit, frequently under the temptation of Chinese food or chocolate). Steven credited his successful career as a Software Developer to his problem-solving nature and his belief that there wasn’t anything he could not teach himself. He graduated from Boston University, and throughout his career, Steven could commonly be found studying to stay informed on new developments in his field. He was always eager to put in extra hours if it meant helping a colleague crack a particularly tricky piece of code. Additionally, he was a skillful woodworker. He made beautiful furniture and installed stunning hardwood floors. He would say, “If I am not the smartest man in the room, I will be the hardest working man in the room.” (He was usually both.)

Steven’s skilled craftsmanship, technological capabilities, strength, broad knowledge and most impressively, dedication to understanding and finding solutions made him an unstoppable force of good in the lives of those around him. Steven was available to anyone in need of his help – whether that made him a mechanic, a carpenter, an IT consultant, or dog-sitter that day. No matter the problem those around him were having, Steven either had a solution or he could figure one out, whether it be helping his daughter with her Java course, replacing a steering rack, or hiding an unexpected, exposed pipe in your kitchen remodel. Steven was always there to say, “I fix.” 

Despite his many talents and skills, what Steven valued above all was being a good person. Steven lived his life with integrity. He valued effort over aptitude. He was kind, very honest and helpful to others. He exemplified those values throughout his life.

Steven was extraordinarily loving to others. Steven loved his Mom dearly and called her every Sunday.  He loved being Papa Nanno to his grandson and namesake, Stevie. He loved and was loved by his dog, Mia.

Steven enjoyed listening to politics. He stayed well-informed on global news and events and was concerned for the wellbeing of all. Steven loved playing poker and pool. He loved a cup of coffee when he sat down to solve a problem. He liked telling stories about the past and his loved ones. He was very witty, fun to banter with and could always make people laugh. And lastly, Steven’s favorite pastime was driving around Western Massachusetts with the top-down blasting classic rock.

Steven is preceded in death by his parents, Carmine and Lillian Piantedosi. He is also preceded by his in-laws, Alfred and Marie Perriello, in addition to many friends and extended family.

Steven leaves behind his beloved wife Susan Piantedosi. Steven was a devoted father to his three daughters: Nicole Yakubovsky, Michelle Piantedosi, and Lauren Piantedosi. Steven will be remembered by his two sons-in-law, Marko Yakubovsky and Stefano Gasbarrino. Steven was ‘Papa Nonno’ to his grandson, Steven Yakubovsky.

Steven was a dearly loved brother to his four siblings and their spouses: Aleta Devaney and her husband Alan, Gary Piantedosi, Val Piantedosi, Carla Dawe and her husband Stephen. Steven was a beloved brother-in-law and friend to the Perriello family. Steven will be remembered by his sister-in-law Catherine Fahey and her husband Jack. Steven leaves behind four brothers-in-law and their wives, Alfred Perriello and his wife Deborah, Michael Perriello and his wife Lynn, Joseph Perriello, and John Perriello. Steven leaves behind a dear aunt-in-law, Barbara Juliano. Steven was a proud uncle to 37 nephews, nieces, great-nephews, and great-nieces. 

Honoring his wishes, there will be no services.


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  1. Isaac Watts on December 13, 2023 at 2:19 am

    He was such an amazing and powerful presence that although we never met personally he strongly influenced my life by the amazing and loving way he treated and raised his children

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