3 Special Ideas for a Memorial Service

You might opt to hold a personalized memorial service instead of a formal funeral service for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the issue comes down to timing; however, you might also base your decision on the personal preference of your loved one or family. Very often, a personalized cremation memorial service can offer a profound experience for survivors that helps celebrate life in a meaningful way.

Ideas for a Memorial Service to Celebrate a Life

If you are making plans for yourself or a friend or family member, it might help to consider these ideas for a memorial service:

    1. Scattering Ceremony
      If you plan to scatter your loved one’s ashes in a favorite place, you might invite friends and close family members. You may also choose to have a simple service before or after the scattering and then conclude with a meal or snacks to give mourners a chance to reminisce and support each other. You could have a faith leader help with the service, have mourners plan it themselves, or consider a combination of these options.


    1. Service Project
      Some people choose to host a service project as a part of the memorial service. This is particularly meaningful if it can help support a good cause that was important to your loved one. It can even turn into a long-term memorial if the project is part of an effort that will continue for years. Some ideas could include founding a community garden, contributing to a food bank, or helping to build homes for people who have suffered a calamity. This can all be done in the name of the deceased person.


    1. Online Memorial Services
      These days, many people connect over the internet. The Wall Street Journal discussed ways to setup an online memorial service as an everlasting way to pay tribute to a loved one. People can visit the website, share experiences, and comfort each other. The site could also be used to raise funds for a worthy cause that the person cared about. This is a good option to help people connect who might be spread out all over the country or even in different countries.


There Isn’t a Right or Wrong Way to Hold a Memorial Service

If you need to plan a memorial service, you are free to make it as unique or traditional as you and your family please. The planner should consider the wishes of the person whose life is being honored and account for the sensitivities of mourners. As long as plans are made with good intentions, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away. For simple yet personalized cremation services, contact Boston Cremation today by calling 781.322.0909.

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