How to Plan a Simple Cremation

Traditionally, people hold funeral services before they bury a body. However in recent times, many families find that it makes more sense to plan a quick, simple cremation as soon as possible. This task is made even easier if the cremation was planned in advance, but even without preplanning, cremation can be done quickly. A simple cremation can make planning the final disposition affordable and relatively free of stress.

What is a Simple Cremation?

Direct cremations offer the simplest and most affordable way to handle the disposition of remains after a loved one passes away. You don’t necessarily even need to engage the services of a funeral home; at Boston Cremation, we can handle everything. We can help complete the form for death certificates and other required documentation as well.

These are some other things to know about planning a simple cremation:

  • You don’t need to purchase or rent a casket. Instead, a simple container called an urn to hold the cremated ashes is purchased.
  • If the cremation occurs quickly, there’s no need for embalming the body.
  • You won’t have to plan or hold any sort of funeral or service before the cremation, unless you wish to.

Planning a Simple Cremation with a Service

Certainly, many families do want to plan some kind of memorial service to honor their loved one. Very often, it makes sense to make these plans after the initial stress of a beloved family member’s passing has diminished. Waiting might also give friends and family members time to make plans to take time away from work or to travel.

Having a direct cremation and planning a memorial service later offers people a choice that results in less stress and less cost to everybody involved. If the cremation can be planned in advance, this makes it even easier.

Having a simple cremation doesn’t mean that a dignified service can’t be arranged later; however, it does offer the family friends a lot of flexibility in the ways that they might choose to honor their loved one. For example, some people hold a scattering ceremony for the cremated remains. Other families might choose to display an urn with remains at a more formal, religious ceremony. In any case, the service can still be as traditional or as unique as the survivors find appropriate.

Why Consider Direct Cremation?

However you decide to mark the passing of your family member or close friend, you may find it easier to plan the right event if you have more time to gather other people together, communicate with friends and family, or even shop around for different alternatives. Many people consider direct cremations because of the lower cost; however, a simple cremation can offer many other advantages. To learn more about simple cremation with or without a service, contact Boston Cremation today by calling 781.322.0909.

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