What is a Cremation Diamond?

This podcast with Boston Cremation discusses how cremation diamonds are made and how they can be a meaningful gift or special way to remember a loved one who has passed away.

John Maher: Hi, I’m John Maher. I’m here today with Victor Buonfiglio of Boston Cremation. Our topic today is cremation diamonds. Welcome Victor.

Victor Buonfiglio: Hi, John. Thanks for having me.

What Is a Cremation Diamond?

John: Sure. So Victor, what is a cremation diamond?

Victor: Cremation diamond is a genuine diamond that’s actually made from the cremated remains of your loved one. There’s a company called LifeGem who started this process a few years back. It’s a unique way for people to memorialize their loved one. There’s a lot of different options today, but LifeGem seems to be the jewel in the crown, so to speak, of all the options that are available.

Cost of a Cremation Diamond

John: I’ve heard of manufactured diamonds. They don’t all have to be mined out of the ground. Obviously, they’re somehow mixing in the cremated remains into that as they go through that technical process of creating a diamond. How expensive is that? Is that very expensive?

Victor: They’re very expensive actually. A one carat LifeGem can be almost $20,000.

John: Wow.

Victor: It’s not an affordable option. It’s just an exclusive, unique option.

John: That sounds like it’s even more expensive than just the diamond itself because you’re paying for that custom-made.

Victor: Absolutely. They do make them in different colors and things of that nature. But because of the price points today, it’s a nice talking point. It also segues into getting them families into something a little more affordable, which would be keepsake jewelry and necklaces and things of that nature.

Other Cremation Jewelry Options

John: Let’s talk about that a little bit. What are some other cremation jewelry options that people may have?

Victor: There’s a lot of lockets and stuff that are available today. They come in many styles, stainless steel and gold. Those are going to be in price ranges from $75 to maybe $300 to $400, which is something that pretty much everybody can do.

John: The locket would be keeping a little bit of the cremated remains in the locket.

Victor: Yes, it’s just a token amount. It’s just a nice way for people to keep a little memory. We see a lot of times when big family, the grandchildren all have something. When my mother-in-law passed away, all the grandchildren got a little locket, a little keepsake and they have them today. It’s an affordable option. It’s a nice, meaningful way for them to keep Nana close to them.

John: What else besides lockets?

Victor: There is a lot of options, again jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets. We talked about the diamonds but it’s not an affordable option. That’s going to be for somebody really looking for something special and unique.

John: All right, that’s great information. Thanks for speaking with me today, Victor.

Victor: Thanks John.

John: For more information visit www.bostoncremation.org or call 781-322-0909.

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